i’m with mols and lauras

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i got 99 indian girl problems but a lesbian ain’t one (actually, only one, but definitely not two)


new technology: use a FOB to start your car

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I keep hearing about all these people who can start their car through their key FOB. the image in my head: “Jagadeesh, take this key and make sure my car is 77 degrees in 5 min.”

made up phone numbers

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one of the hospitals in Chile told us to call the Emergency Department at: 0987654321

the scale says my weight is “low”

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and when i started yelling “HOW LOW??” rachel taught me that it was that the batteries were low

i tried to go the whole day without eating

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but i didn’t. FML

i’m dropping out of med school to open a closer taco bell

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there used to be a taco bell 9 blocks away and i thought that was far. after it closed down the nearest one is 84 blocks away. i’m dropping out of medical school to tackle this issue firsthand.

my $2000 camera isn’t good enough

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in my defense it’s only a $1000 camera with a $1000 lens, so i need an upgrade. with a REALLY good camera and telephoto lens i can take pics of indian girls from far away then photoshop myself into them.